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International Missions

Luis Taborda 
Calvary Chapel Capilla Verdad

Luis Taborda is the senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Capilla Verdad in Cali, Colombia. Pastor Luis and the church minister to their community, and even partner with the churches in their surrounding area to spread the gospel. They evangelize within the city of Cali, and do outreaches beyond their immediate area as well. One of these outreaches takes place in a rough community called Aguablanca, where members of CC Capilla Verdad teach God’s word to the local children and worship with them. They also preach the Gospel at Fusion, a rehab facility for young men and boys who have struggled with drug addiction. Our church has had the opportunity to send missions teams to Cali five times in the past to serve with CC Capilla Verdad and be a part of what God is doing there. We continue to support their ministry both financially and in prayers. 

Below are Photos From Past Trips

Image 5-27-22 at 10.49 AM.jpeg
Image 5-27-22 at 10.56 AM.jpeg
Image 5-27-22 at 11.01 AM.jpeg
Kefas Momoh
Calvary Chapel in Lagos, Nigeria

Kefas Momoh is the senior pastor at Calvary Chapel in Lagos, Nigeria. Like our congregation here in Clayton, they are committed to faithfully teaching God’s word, and reaching the area around them with the gospel. We were blessed to be able to send a missions team to Nigeria to serve with Pastor Kefas and the church in Lagos back in 2014, and we have been supporting the ministry there both financially and in prayer ever since. We are thankful for our brothers and sisters in Lagos. Below is the latest update from Pastor Kefas: 

Image 6-2-22 at 9.43 AM.jpeg

December 9, 2021


A blessed day to you.

We wish you the best of the season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.


We are so glad that GOD has been faithful in every side. His steadfast love never ceases, His mercies reserved for millions.


The LORD has been providing for our needs through various means. Thanks for praying for us. We pray He will continue to meet every need in JESUS Name. 



Thanks to GOD the Church is doing well, people are coming and we see the growth Spiritually in their lives as they take in God's word undiluted. Despite all the struggles and troubles surrounding it in this last days, the church is still waxing strong. Hoping that we will leave this

world to be with Christ as He is not of this world.



Our journey to Jos Plateau state was successful, though a bit stressful because the vehicle we took spent more days due to bad road. The marriage was successful even though we had no time enough to stay with families by spending more days on the way while coming, but we

were able to reunite as families. My father in-law, brothers and sister in-law, cousins grandchildren etc. My mum is doing well but struggling with eye problem. Please pray for healing. She will be 80 years old by next year. My big brother and children are doing okay. We returned to Lagos immediately after the wedding. The journey wasn't as difficult like the first. 



We had Crusade/street outreach on the 5th December (last Sunday) storming the streets with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a huge success just achieving this goal. Waiting for resources and materials has kept us waiting for long but this time, we just have to lunch out. The church

were happy about it and they all cooperated in moving equipments to the venue and in sharing the gospel giving out invitation cards to people so as to fellowship with us. Pray that we experience great harvest of souls from this outreach and subsequent ones we'll be having.


God willing, our next Crusade/outreach will be on the 23rd of January next year 2022. Reaching out with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray growth of the Church. Please pray that the LORD will provide all that will be needed to get the gospel out.



On the 12th of December, 2021, the church will be having love feast, the brethren will be coming together to eat, discuss (questions and answering section ) and having the opportunity of knowing one another the more as they will be inviting family members who have not been coming to the

church. Presently, the brethren are contributing towards the cooking already and other necessities already.



- Please pray for outpouring of God's spirit upon the Church.                        - Pray for God's blessings for Calvary Chapel Nigeria.

- Pray for safety as some of our brethren will be travelling this season.

- Pray for my father in-law, of recent he fell very ill, please pray for healing.

- Pray for constant supply from the LORD as inflation is on daily basis in Nigeria.

- Pray for a better government for Nigerians.


In Christ

Kefas and Tina

CC Lagos.

Pastor Kefas Momoh
Pastor Kevin Edwards

Below are Photos From Past Trips

Image 6-2-22 at 9.41 AM.jpeg
Image 6-2-22 at 9.39 AM.jpeg
Image 6-2-22 at 9.45 AM.jpeg
Image 6-2-22 at 9.46 AM.jpeg
Image 6-2-22 at 9.47 AM.jpeg
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