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National Missions

Safe Families 

What Safe Families (SFFC) Does :


Safe Families creates a safe space for children and socially isolated families in need of help. Creating not only a community but a family through volunteers looking to show the Love and hospitality God calls us to walk out. 


The government primarily helps through Adoption agencies that only provide help for those adjudicated as a victim of neglect or abuse. These families in need are dealing with things like illness, single parenting, financial crisis and more. This  is the goal of SFFC, to provide help, both temporary and long term. 


How Safe Families Works :


Safe Families helps in many ways, one main way is connecting families in need with a Host Family. The Host family temporarily provides their home as a place for the children to stay. Other ways of helping include supporting the Host Families with materials, providing encouragement and coaching the parents of Host families. 


 For more information visit the website at

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Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible : 


Blue Letter Bible is an online platform which provides a digital Bible as well as digital tools that aid and accelerate In-depth studies of the Word. Some tools that they provide include a concordance, commentaries, charts, maps, timelines and more! They make these tools available to strengthen and equip God’s people at no cost to them.


Their heart’s desire is to assist believers, allowing them to grow in their walk with the Lord and in their knowledge of the truth of him. Exalting the name of God and the truth above all things. (Psalm 138:2) We support this organization financially as they are a non-profit organization that is fully funded by dedicated users and donations. We encourage you to download the app and take advantage of the tools and knowledge made available to you!

Out Of Egypt Ministries
Patti Height

About Out of Egypt Ministries: 


Out Of Egypt Ministries is a non-profit Organization that originated from Calvary Chapel Old Bridge, New Jersey, and is a speaking platform for Patti Height. Using her personal experience of being freed from deception, pain, and a homosexual lifestyle through God’s Love and truth, Patti sheds light on effective ways for the church to minister to the LGBT Community with the gospel. Her desire is to equip the Church to reach, understand, and minister to those who associate with the LGBT Community as well as those within the church who struggle with same sex attraction.

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