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Check back often for updates on our new building coming at the end of 2023!


November 15, 2022: Special day today as we officially signed papers and closed on our new church home! One step closer.


March 7, 2023: Today we had a meeting to finalize construction plans, as we’re preparing to submit them to the town for permitting in a few weeks. Continue to pray for favor!


Pictured: Frank Gallucci- Architect and Designer, John Oglesby- Civil Engineer, Kent Alexander- General Contractor, Jim Looney - Board Member, Andres Martinez - Project Manager, Kevin Edwards - Senior Pastor.



July 11, 2023: Today we officially began construction on the inside of our new building.



July 14, 2023: Today our new sign was installed. It looks amazing! We're currently waiting for the power to be connected to it so that the digital feature of the sign will work.


New Church Home Address:

935 Shotwell Road, Clayton, NC 27520

Coming end of 2023!

Things for us to pray for:


The closing of the building. 


Permitting and Construction phase.


God would provide so we can pay the building off.


The building process would not distract us from ministry.


That we would be good stewards with what God provides.


We would continue to follow God's will.

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