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Juan Carlos & Rebekah Lozano

About Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos was born and raised in Cali, Colombia. He grew up in a christian home, but it wasn't until he was 16 years old that He was truly convicted and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior, in 2010. He began his walk with Christ at Capilla Verdad (Calvary Chapel Cali), being blessed by the church community and fellowship since he was 10. In 2017, Juan Carlos had the beautiful opportunity to grow his faith at the Calvary Chapel Bible College located in Antigua, Guatemala; it was there that his passion for the Word and for serving in ministry were both strengthened. In 2018, after returning back to Cali, he joyfully started serving at Capilla Verdad as the Youth Pastor. In January of 2022, Juan Carlos was officially presented as the Assistant Pastor at Capilla Verdad, serving the church in different capacities, being available in whatever ways he is needed.


About Rebekah

Rebekah was born in Illinois, and grew up living in the state of Washington where she learned about the love of God at a young age. It wasn’t until her family moved to North Carolina, where she heard the Bible being taught verse by verse, that her understanding for the Word and her passion for Jesus grew. Attending Calvary Chapel Clayton, being surrounded by other passionate Christians in the Word, Rebekah started to feel that God was calling her to missions, but didn’t know what that looked like just yet. She faithfully served on the worship team all through high school, through college, and into her twenties. She also served in the church's youth group as well as regularly shared the gospel with her coworkers, and with people on the streets. In the winter of 2018 God told her she would be moving to Colombia! That summer, Rebekah joined a team, serving on a short term mission trip in Colombia, and two months later she met her husband Juan Carlos on another mission trip in Atlanta, Georgia. Now Rebekah is living in Cali, Colombia with her husband, serving alongside Him in the Youth Group, serving in Worship, and being available in whatever ways she is needed.

Their Story

By the grace of God, Juan Carlos and Rebekah met on a mission trip in Atlanta, Georgia where they were serving with the youth of Calvary Chapel Clayton to minister to the homeless community in that city. From the day they met, God laid on both of their hearts to pray for one another, not knowing 10 days later they would start their relationship! They centered their relationship around their passion for God, their plan to get married, and their desire to serve full time as missionaries. Victoriously, on December 22, 2020, they got married and moved to Cali to start their journey as newlyweds, seeking God’s will and direction for ministry.

Global Action

In June 2022, the Lord opened the door for Juan Carlos and Rebekah to travel to Guatemala to serve with the local churches there. Juan Carlos was invited by the organization Global Action to partake in the Foundations Program by teaching a class on Biblical Interpretation in two different towns. After serving with fellow missionaries and seeing the blessing the Foundations classes had on the local communities, Juan Carlos and Rebekah prayed about bringing the Global Action Foundation Program back to Cali.

This ministry seeks to provide free biblical and theological training to vulnerable communities around the world to both men and women who are willing to attend the program. The students are required to complete all nine modules of the program, and show understanding of the material before receiving their certificate. Through the program, men and women are learning more about Jesus, how to study and teach the Scriptures, sound doctrine, God’s plan for a healthy church, how to be spiritual leaders, thus sparking a fire for the gospel and passion for the Word in low income communities.

Since serving with Global Action in Guatemala, Juan Carlos wanted to see Cali, Colombia being blessed in the same way. Through seeking God’s will, Juan Carlos has had the privilege of partnering with Global Action, starting a new chapter of organizing the Foundation Program to be taught here in their city! Their desire is to impact the leaders of the various communities, to ignite the passion for the Word and make disciples.

Thank you!

They are so excited to give their time and energy, serving the body of Christ and glorifying God. As they continue to seek God’s will and stay faithful, they ask for your emotional and spiritual support by keeping them in your prayers. Also, if you are able, financial support would be sincerely appreciated as they work to spread the gospel and make disciples in Cali, as well as to the rest of Colombia. Thank you so much for taking the time to read their story and learn a little bit about their ministry. They are extremely grateful for your support.

Grace and Peace.

Support Juan and Rebekah Financially

Please add the desired amount in the “Missions” section, and then type “Global Action Missionary Support" in the "add a message" box.

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