Rebekah Dohrmann

Missionary- Cali, Colombia

Dear Family and Friends,

I just want to start off by saying thank you for reading this letter! It's beautiful how God uses us despite how crazy and messy we are! I was meditating in The Word the other day, and I was reminded that surrendering our efforts, our small strength, or any qualities we think we have, and instead leaning into His Spirit is what produces fruit. Praise the Lord, our God is so kind! "’Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit’, says the Lord", Zechariah 4:6.


In the summer of 2018, by the grace of God, I was able to go with a team to Cali, Colombia for two weeks to experience my first mission trip. It was there that God broke my heart so profoundly for a people that I had never met before. Since I’ve been back, sharing the Gospel and serving God in Cali has been on my mind. I can’t wait to return and continue to serve the Lord and glorify Him in every moment. With that, I am planning a three month mission trip back to Cali to fulfill a couple of goals that I believe are guided by Holy Spirit. With much prayer, wise counsel, and being directed by the Lord, this is the mission:


Evangelism: I believe the harvest is plentiful (Matthew 9:36-38) and I believe that God has moved me with compassion to be bold and share the Gospel as a laborer to reach the weary and broken hearted.

● Aguablanca: Capilla Verdad, one of the local churches in Cali, has an amazing outreach in a rough area called Aguablanca. Here, the kids gather in a tiny building to read the Bible and worship. I will be spending part of my time serving in Aguablanca alongside other local missionaries who are spreading the Gospel to the little niños.

● Unity in the body of Christ: Cali is such a big city! I believe that God wants to unite the local churches in the city to make the truth known. I will be working with other local churches as well as with Capilla Verdad for the sake of spreading the gospel as one body.

● Being guided by the Holy Spirit: I am joyfully prepared to be used in any capacity where the Lord wants me to go. In this time of missions, I will be focusing on fixing my eyes on Jesus and His leading. I am making this season intentional in glorifying His name, as well as growing and learning!

So why is all this important to know? First off, because I need a lot of prayer. I believe this is a trip that pleases the Lord, and that the doors are open. There will be obstacles and the enemy would love to tear down and destroy what he can but we know that God is mighty to save. Second, if you feel led to support this mission financially, I am in need of raising $3,550 to be able to make this three month trip possible. To donate, please go to the link below.


God has revealed in really beautiful and profound ways that my going will be by His strength, and not my own, which brings me to a place of sweet worship. God is so beautiful to even use us as His vessels, though flawed and unworthy. I am extremely honored and humbled to have such an incredible journey before me. Everything in my life I feel has lead up to this trip to glorify God in all that He has done, through good seasons and rough. Isn’t He so kind?

Thank you so much for the emotional support, prayers, and financial support!

Support Rebekah Financially

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