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What is the school of ministry?

The School of Ministry (SOM) is a 3 course, Biblical Training, focusing on Discipleship, Practical Ministry Experience, and Leadership Development. The 3 courses are Course 1 - Foundations of Faith, Course 2 - Intermediate, and Course 3 - Advanced. You will begin with Course 1 - Foundations of the Faith.  

This year our classes will start with a Foundations of the Faith course beginning on October 9, 2022.

The purpose of the SOM is to strengthen the spiritual foundation of our Church and those within it, to grow us in wisdom, understanding, and faith. We want to grow in Apologetics and Education ministry. 


Where do I register for the som?


Registration is open until October 9, 2022.

There is no cost for the Foundations of the Faith class.

No childcare will be provided during the SOM. 


Who is the som for?


The School of Ministry is for everyone who attends our Church aged 14 years old and up. Whether you have been saved for 50+ years or 1 day, whether you've been serving for 50+ years or never served once. This is an opportunity for everyone to grow in the grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ.


Why should i take the som?

You may be thinking that you're not ready and some of the stuff will be over your head- it won't be. This will be perfect for you. Or, you may be thinking that you already know the Bible and serve in Ministry so the SOM won't benefit you- that's not true. This will be perfect for you.

"As a Pastor, I must continue to grow and learn as a leader and Bible teacher in order to effectively minister to those whom God brings to our Church and those who serve with me in the Ministry. The day we stop growing, or stop learning, is the day we are no longer useful or productive for the Lord." -Pastor Kevin Edwards


where is the som?

We will offer Course 1 - Foundations of the Faith on Sundays at 4:30pm beginning on October 9, 2022, at the Church. This will be a 10-week course with each class being 1 hour. There will be required homework for each class. We will also have the option available of taking this class online. Recordings of each Sunday will be made available the following Tuesday.

The address for the classes is 510 West Main Street, Clayton, NC 27520.



what is the som schedule?


The School of Ministry schedule will be as follows-

Course 1 - Foundations of the Faith - 10 Weeks in Fall of 2022

  • Class 101 - The Gospel and Salvation

  • Class 102 - The Godhead

  • Class 103 - The Power and Authority of God's Word

  • Class 104 - The Walk of Faith

  • Class 105 - Scripture Memorization

Course 2 - 14 Weeks in Spring of 2023

  • Class 201 - Survey of the Gospels

  • Class 202 - Survey of Acts & Romans

  • Class 203 - Election (Chosen or Choice)

  • Class 204 - Servant Leadership

  • Class 205 - Ministry to the Body

  • Class 206 - Evangelism

  • Class 207 - Missions and Outreach

Course 3 - 10 Weeks in Fall of 2023

  • Class 301 - Exhaustive Galatians & Ephesians

  • Class 302 - Survey of Daniel & Revelation

  • Class 303 - Simplified Greek

  • Class 304 - Inductive Bible Study Course

  • Class 305 - Survey of Pastoral Epistles

The School of Ministry required reading-

1. The New Testament

2. Calvary Chapel Distinctives

3. The Bible from 30,000 Feet



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