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Weddings & Marriage Counseling


Marriage is a wonderful gift of God and weddings can be one of the most joyous events of our lives. However, every marriage faces challenges and many fail due to lack of understanding and preparation. If you think you have found, "the one", we strongly encourage you to seek out godly counsel before moving forward. The Bible says that marriage is God's Holy Institution which He loves. It's for this reason that we believe God has a plan for every marriage and He desires to help you build a beautiful life together, one that glorifies Him and blesses you.

Pre-Marital Counseling

We require six sessions of pre-marital counseling prior to the wedding ceremony. This is to establish a foundation for godly marriage, prepare couples for the challenges that they will face and prayerfully set couples up for success. In order to make our time more beneficial, we use a marriage workbook which requires some homework between sessions.

Marriage Counseling

Even strong marriages need to be occasionally cultivated and strengthened. For this reason, we have a marriage fellowship which meets throughout the year. The fellowship encourages married couples through worship, prayer, communion and the counsel of God's Word with a special emphasis on practical application. Private counseling is also available and can be scheduled by calling the church at (919) 359-0802 or emailing us at

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